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Gang raped online through the written word

Hi Al,

I found this piece very interesting on many levels. You are correct about one thing. The law is probably not terribly engrossing for the average person, like myself. But, I would like to quote you from your comment, if I may:

"As a lawyer, I often think that the law is fascinating"

"Couple this with the fact that lawyers typically are horrible writers and you have two strikes against any legal site becoming wildly popular.  What lawyers, and many other bloggers are finding out, is that writing — engaging, stimulating, thoughtful and entertaining writing — is difficult"

"If you want your website or blog to shine, pay attention to your writing"

Your comment only humors me by the fact that I think that you should pay attention to your writing and your interpretation of the law, and the way you practice it. A lawyer that once slept with a client (after referring that client to new counsel, mind you) recently agreed with me in that what you do on your said "legal blog", is nothing more than a circus sideshow masked as journalism. But, I do now realize what you mean, as I quoted you, by keeping this site " engaging, stimulating, thoughtful and entertaining writing". I guess your idea of the law pertains to posting nothing more than untruths, insults, vulgar filth, and blatant lies written about innocent people, by others that you require nothing more from than there ability to click on "post". I am speaking about something along the lines of, say, a true identity,actual facts, and proof of their credibility. It seems, it doesn't even need to be related to the article in which someone comments. I think even the common man that is not a licensed attorney in the state of Maine could probably tell you, that is anything but appropriate. Not to mention, violates a person's civil rights. I would think an attorney would know this. I had the opportunity to witness first hand exactly how you intend on making your site "wildly popular",afterall. Things definitely are "heating up", as a friend of mine once said. That, Attorney Nye, a promise. Even I, like yourself, am starting to find the law fascinating, as well.

Sincerely, your new #1 fan,

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