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The Guy who likes chicken

If we consider your analogy we can say that everything you are eating in the chicken McNugget is in fact corn. Why? Because the main diet of chicken is corn.

Simple as that


Shocking !


omg... r u serious??!


and I think I've just found the reason to never let my kids have McDonalds. Surely a smaller person would be more effected by this? Also would it stay in the bloodstream or is in straight in/straight out?



You can't state that TBHQ is lighter fuel. It's an antioxidant and not even a very good one. But hey it's cheap and so you all can have your McNuggets a bit cheaper.

greets, food scientist


mmmm .... acids and lighter gas.... Can you guess what kind of people likes sniffin' lighter fluids and stuff?

Yes... drug addicts and junkies... and thats whom MCDonalds are aiming for ? ..... or?

jeffrey gato

He Who dines beneath "Golden Arches" is soon to pass through "Pearly Gates"

Paul H Docherty

I'm not surprised that a McNugget is full of junk (this McDonalds, after all) - most fast food is. However, TBHQ is NOT IN ANY WAY a form of butane, no more than any other hydrocarbon. In a lot of respects, it's more like the steroids that your body make by itself. In fact, a quick Wikipedia search shows that the structures of these compounds are barely related.

It's also worth considering the toxicology data; the official values can be found here through a search on

which show safe usage in dogs at 75mg/kg - and this is used to set a safe human use value of 1% of that. Those are pretty safe guidelines. Also, bear in mind that simple salt can kill in excess (20g can kill a child)

Please don't spread scientific scare-stories when you don't have even the slightest clue about it...

Paul Docherty (MChem, BSc., Ph. D student in Chemistry, Oxford University)


To be safe, you probably shouldn't eat more than 5 grams of chicken nuggets.

They should write, "do not eat," on the packaging so people don't get sick.

john duh

shouldn't you be chasing abulances? we know fast food is bad - what's your story? sue them all 'in the name of justice'?

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