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Tom St. Louis

Nice tips there, Al! I’m with you when you pointed that potential clients better avoid equating big ads to better lawyers, or more ads means more experience. At most, it only tells us that they have a lot of cash to burn for those gross and tacky ads, particularly in the yellow pages advertising for personal injury lawyers, and still doesn’t tell you if they’re the right ones for the clients.

If anything, I could help you more. Seeing that as a lawyer yourself in a sea of tacky practitioners, why not differentiate yourself further, simply meaning if clients saw your ad in their time of need, they’ll say “Hey, this guy is for me!” every time? I’m a marketing consultant for personal injury lawyers and I believe my blog ( is definitely right for you. Once again nice article!

Personal Injury Lawyer

Nice thoughts.Continue this appreciating work.

Hazel Knight

Dui Lawyer

I couldn't agree more. Just because you see an attorneys face everywhere you look doesn't mean they are the best in the business.

Free Lawyers

Great insight, I really enjoyed this article. I like how you mentioned to meet with multiple attorneys prior to choosing one. That is great advice.

Accident Compensation

I agree with meeting with a number of attorneys before making a final choice. You should feel comfortable with your attorney and know that at all times that he/she has your best interests at heart. A good case track record is also important.

whiplash injury claim

They may want to tape a telephone interview with you and any manner of other things.

Accident at Workplace Claims

Hey! Nice tips here.
Actually, I am new to this world and actually looking for some guidance where I can learn from and where I can help my friends and colleagues. I think I always like to help poor victims free of cost because they deserve it.


Before taking a legal action we should sure about the results, therefore we used to heir a legal authority who is liable to pay back our losses. So in case of any personal injury issues we should go for a personal injury lawyer and this above article describes the points about how to choose a personal injury lawyer. Really an impressive article having all useful points which helps a beginner.

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