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Sometimes you just have to expand your horizon on restaurants and try a new one every now and then.

Christoffer Eldrich

Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to the things that we love the most. You are not alone in mourning, I am pretty sure of that. (This post is way too late, I know, and I might be be opening fresh wounds.)

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

I also read this article and was surprised to learn that Outback is part of one of the largest national restaurant chain enterprises.

I find it hard to believe that this location wasn't a success. They are the only place I know of in Portland that has a wide selection of gluten free entrees and deserts – I know a lot of people who went there just for this reason.

I wonder how often Bloomin' Brands closes a restaurant. Being as ubiquitous as they are in this country they obviously have a pretty good idea of when and where to open something new.

P.S. Lots of insights into this move from regulars and a former employee at the bottom of the Press Herald article in question.

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