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Sounds like someone wants a little attention 😀



Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And I doubt a "girls are stupid . . . throw rocks at them" fashion line would make it off the ground without major opposition from feminist groups. Not that I would want to wear "girls are stupid" apparel, but it seems to me like anybody who makes one line should have to make the other.

It reminds me of the bizarre statements I hear from non-white students in the schools where I work: "All white people are racist" and "Only white people can be racist."

One of these days people are going to have to believe me when I say that being a secular white male is hardly the walk in the park they make it out to be. I guess it's okay if you don't mind being verbally assaulted, slandered, and otherwise dragged through the mud just for being what you are, but I've never seen any socioeconomic benefit to being male. Guess I'm in the wrong lines of work.


does that mean i can no longer say, "You rock, Al?!"

(actually, i think you make a really good point. we don't need to teach violence, even when joking).
Ms. Berkeley


There's serious concern about a craze called "happy slapping" in which groups of teenagers armed with camera phones slap or mug unsuspecting children or passersby, while capturing the attacks on video, according to a recent article in the Guardian. You can read more about it at Agenda Inc.'s LiveFeed, which has links to disturbing videos of so-called "happy slappers."

jessica perez



i think its FUNNY!!!!!!! they shud make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think that THEOMORPH NEEDS CALMIN DOWN!hes tottally of perpous hes going mad!!!!anyway
u roooock fllluukkk

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