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I live in Myrtle Beach, so maybe we're a bit laid back here. Most of the lawyers, regardless of the side they're on are pretty nice.

It's my experience that the few lawyers that are very arrogant tend to attract clients that like those qualities. Those lawyers clients tend to be sumbitches as well.

It's been my personal experience that clients will forgive a mistake, if you take steps to fix the mistake so that they are not hurt by it. In fact, some of the most loyal clients are those who I've gone the extra step to fix things up after a mistake.

Of course it depends on the area of law and the area of the country, but I think clients mainly want someone to work hard for them and be nice to them. I think a lawyer with those traits and modest skills will do better than a lawyer with extraordinary legal skills, but a horrible bedside manner. Go figure.

Al Nye

Dave, I'd hope that most clients are the way you describe but I've certainly seen some who weren't. Your comments are comforting ….


Mike Smock

Hi Al,

Rubenstein is wrong. If a business listened and actually did everything that was demanded of them they would quickly go bankrupt.

There are many special interest groups on both sides of almost every issue. You can't please them all.

The mental health folks need to be spending their time on more important issues.

I was delighted to see Robert stand her ground. And even happier to see her sell out the line. m

Al Nye


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate hearing from a marketing expert.

I'm also glad that the CEO decided to continue selling the bear. I just wonder if she could have been a tad bit more sensitive to the mental health groups. Dave wrote to me in an email with the idea of donating a portion of the proceeds to mental health issues. Do you agree or would you simply ignore the protests?


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