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That Lawyer Dude

Wait a minute. If one is religious, he doesn't throw the baby out with the bath. I remember I didn't like a lot of things about the Roman Catholic Church when I was growing up. I felt the international church was growing too liberal and too anti-American. I didn't leave. I prayed for change, and it happened with the accension of Pope John Paul II.

Similarly, when John Paul II decreed that it was inproper for the Religious (members of orders) to hold public office where they may have to espouse positions different from those taken by the R.C. Church, Father Drinan of MA. a Congressman, did not run for re-election. Many were stunned that he didn't leave the church. Religious stay religious, even when the spokesman speaks words with which they do not agree. I am not going to vote for Obama, but it isn't going to be because he belongs to a religious congregation whose cleric is sometimes a jerk.

It is not uncommon that black preachers feel disassociated with American politics. If is also not uncommon for Religious to mock other religions. (Rabbi Meir Kahane of JDL fame and Palestinians, Pastor Hagee and Roman Catholics, Rev.Farakahn and Jews, Father Coughlin and Jews to name a few).

Let us remember that if elected, it will be Barack Obama who will be President, not his pastor. We need to judge him on his words and actions, not those of his wife, preacher or anyone else.

We can question his judgment in many ways, but not by his religious leanings. Even when we don't agree with our religious leaders, many of us are not about to stand up to them. They are not the same as Political leaders. They do not owe their allegience to you, they owe it to their Higher Power. If you believe in the teaching of that Higher Power, then that ends the issue. One never wins in a debate with God.

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