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Mark A. Robertson

Thanks for the kind and accurate review!

Jim Calloway

I would like to make one additional point. Businesses constantly need to improve and perfect their processes. The billable hour stands as a demotivational factor in that regard. Why should one develop a document assembly process for preparing a set of documents in a matter if the only net result is to decrease the hours billed from say, four hours to thirty minutes and reduce the income? If, on the other hand, the set of documents is billed at a flat rate of $400, then there's motivation to streamline the process of production. With improvements, the work becomes more profitable. The client may benefit with a better work product as a result of a better process and the law firm lawyers & staff are freed from some uninspiring routine work to do more creative things.

Al Nye

Jim, thanks for your comments. I agree that flat rates work for lots of standard documents and think that many lawyers use them. Typically, however, these flat fee services count for only a small portion of a lawyer's income. It's the other things — the "creative things" — that lawyers revert back to billing for on an hourly basis.


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